What is the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies?

  • The CoE is funded by the Academy of Finland from the 2018–2025 program.
  • As defined by the Academy of Finland, “Centres of Excellence (CoE) are the flagships of Finnish research. They are at the very cutting edge of science in their fields, carving out new avenues for research, developing creative research environments, and training new talented researchers for the Finnish research system and Finnish business and industry.
  • The Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies is a joint project between researchers from the Tampere University, University of Turku, and the University of Jyväskylä. Across these institutions, over 30 researchers from the humanities, social sciences and technical sciences are engaged in exploring topics related to the research themes of the centre.

The CoE research into the meaning-making processes and cultural agency in games and play is organised under four themes:

  1. Meaning and Form of Games (coord. JYU, Raine Koskimaa)
  2. Creation and Production of Games (coord. TAU, Olli Sotamaa)
  3. Players and Player Communities (coord. TAU, Frans Mäyrä)
  4. Societal Framing of Games (coord. UTU, Jaakko Suominen)

For more information, see this interview with Professor Frans Mäyrä, the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies director.

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Dr. Aphra Kerr and Prof. Dr. Gundolf S. Freyermuth
  • SAB also has representation from the Academy of Finland, and the leadership of the three universities hosting the CoE