The Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies aims to make its results and activities widely available. As part of that effort, many of our events are streamed live as online video, and also recorded. Here is a selection of videos including talks by CoE researchers, visiting scholars and recordings made in our public lectures.

OASIS Talks, Tampere University

OASIS Talk 23.4.2018 Associate Professor Chris Paul (Seattle University) talks about his new book “Toxic Meritocracy of Video Games : Why Gaming Culture Is the Worst”.
OASIS Lunch Time Talk 11.4.2019 “Sense of place in videogames – case Red Dead Redemption 2”, by Jussi Holopainen (Games Computing, University of Lincoln).
OASIS Lunch Time Talks 21.2.2019 “The Gamer Logic of ‘Selfies are Avatars’: Toxic Masculinity and James Franco’s Strategic Vulnerability” by Tom Apperley.
OASIS Lunch Time Talks 4.4.2019 ” Understanding the Australian Videogame Field through Formal, Informal and Embedded Gamemakers”, by Brendan Keogh.
OASIS Talk 7.3.2019 “Intimate Games: Queering the Conventional Mouse Controller for Cooperative Play”, by Sabine Harrer.
OASIS Talk 14.11.2018 “Amateur adaptations of “professional” games: Manic Miner and Flappy in 1980s Czechoslovakia”, by Jaroslav Švelch.

Also: see the Finnish language studia generalia lecture video series: “Pelitutkimus Suomessa” (2018), produced by the CoE-GameCult consortium members:

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