You can contact the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies by sending an email to one of the coordinators.

Media and societal interactions

The Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies hosts a wide range of academic experts of game culture, available for media appearances and interviews, invited talks, and other forms of expert commentary and collaboration with societal actors.

Our areas of expertise include (but are not limited to):

  • Game creation and production, game industry, game jams
  • Player demographics and groups, cultures and communities, marginalised players
  • Various forms of analogue, digital and hybrid games and genres (e.g. role-play, tabletop games, larp, urban play, location-based games, mobile games, free-to-play games, multiplayer games)
  • History of games and play, game cultures and game technologies
  • Gaming of children and youth, family gaming, game education
  • Esports and competitive gaming
  • Live-streaming, gaming videos and other forms of game media
  • Sexuality and play, pornography and digital games
  • Gambling, money and games
  • Addictive and harmful gaming, transgressive play, trolling and harassment

To find the right expert for your needs, please contact the CoE main coordinator Elina Koskinen.

In Finnish:

Medialle: Pelikulttuurien tutkimuksen huippuyksikön asiantuntijat kommentoivat mielellään medioissa ajankohtaisia pelikulttuurisia aiheita. Ota yhteyttä huippuyksikön pääkoordinaattori Elina Koskiseen löytääksesi sopivin asiantuntija.