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ELO2022 online workshop: In-game books and ludo-narrative literacies

In-game books and ludo-narrative literacies: ELO2022 online workshop

Electronic books can serve many purposes—decorative, narrative, game-mechanical—in digital games. The players of Minecraft (2011), the popular sandbox game, can craft books and bookshelves or even build whole libraries in the gameworld. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011), books work as part of game mechanics but also add to the lore of the action role-playing video game. In addition, walking simulators such as Dear Esther (2012) or Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (2015) unfold as works of literary fiction and include elements of multiple texts and mediums such as diaries, letters, or audio drama.

This workshop discusses in-game books, texts and libraries as arenas for literacies (multiliteracies, game literacy, literature teaching and so on). What is the place of the electronic book in video games? What do games draw from electronic literary fiction? And how can in-game books or bookish games promote literacies?

We invite you to discuss the following topics. This list of possible topics includes but is not limited to:

· Games, books and aesthetics
· In-game books and literacies
· Libraries and book archives in games
· Books and texts as game-mechanical devices
· In-game books as incentives to read
· The meaning of books in games
· Bookish games

Submitting your paper

The presenters will be selected based on extended abstracts of 800–1200 words. Please submit a short bio and your abstract to by 25 April 2022. We will review the papers and make decisions by 2 May 2022.

The Zoom workshop will be held on 24 May 2022. The papers are made available for every participant prior to the workshop. In addition, every presenter is required to prepare a short (5–10 min) presentation for the online event, followed with 20–25 min time for discussion.

The workshop is organized by Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies in the University of Jyväskylä. The event is part of the ELO2022 conference E2Lit: Education and Electronic Literature. For further information on ELO2022, visit the conference website:

Important dates:

Abstract deadline 25 April 2022
Acceptance 2 May 2022
Online workshop 24 May 2022

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