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Heljakka, Katriina; Harviainen, J. Tuomas

From Displays and Dioramas to Doll Dramas

In: American Journal of Play, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 351–379, 2019, ISSN: 1938-0399.

Journal article Open access

Abstract | Links | Tags: Adult play, Adult toy play, Creativity, Object play, Object relations, Photoplay, Social media, Social play, Toys, World play, Worldbuilding


Schrier, Karen; Torner, Evan; Hammer, Jessica

Worldbuilding in Role-Playing Games

In: Zagal, José P.; Deterding, Sebastian (Ed.): Role-Playing Game Studies: Transmedia Foundations, pp. 349–363, 2018, ISBN: 0815369204.

Book chapter

Abstract | Links | Tags: Role-playing games, Worldbuilding