Introducing CoE Blog Series

Starting in August 2019, we are launching a blog series that will showcase the achievements and experiences of researchers and alumni of the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies. On a regular basis, we will be bringing you posts that address pressing issues in game cultures and highlight cutting-edge work carried out by our own experts in this field of scholarly inquiry. In a condensed and accessible form, you will be able to read about the mission and research highlights of the historically first Centre of Excellence dedicated to the study of games, both digital and analog.

We will be kicking off the blog series with three posts, which represent the breadth of genres and topics that we aim to give space to. Dale Leorke recaps the visit of a game scholar and designer Troy Innocent, who earlier this year ran a version of his location-based game Wayfinder Live in Tampere during the international Urban Play seminar, which was hosted by the CoE. Jan Švelch explores the issues of inclusivity and representation in the tournament scene of Magic: The Gathering, as this traditional trading card game enters its new stage as an esports and streaming property. Aleena Chia talks about her next career step as she moves onward from the CoE to Simon Fraser University in Canada, where she starts in September 2019 as Assistant Professor.

The blog series editorial team – Tom Apperley, Maria Garda, and Jan Švelch – wishes you an inspiring read!