GameCult Talks event #2: Sustainability in games

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The Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies is curating a series of events titled GameCult Talks: Discussing games in culture and society. The series aims to create and strengthen dialogue between researchers and other societal actors on current game cultural topics in our culture and society. The events are organised by the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies with various partners. They bring together game studies researchers, industry experts, cultural institutions, community representatives, activists, and policy makers to develop and highlight new initiatives into building sustainable game culture for our future.

Event : Sustainability in games

GameCult Talks : Sustainability in games 25.1.2021

Monday 25 January 2021, 18:00–19:30 EET/GMT+2

The second event in the series is a panel discussion themed Sustainability in Games, organised online, together with the Finnish Museum of Games, on Monday January 25 from 18:00 to 19:30 EET/GMT+2. The panel will start with 5-minutes concise presentations, followed by a joint discussion and a Q&A session.

Anna Sivula (CoE GameCult/University of Turku), From Cultural Sustainability to Culture of Sustainability

Mikhail Fiadotau  (Tallinn University), Board Games as a Vehicle for Environmental Education: An Overview

Triinu Jesmin (Tallinn University), The World Ends in Kurtna: Teaching Complex Environmental Concepts through Games

Patrick Prax (Uppsala University), Not another Crying Indian! On the need for systemic change

Moderator: Maria B. Garda (CoE GameCult/University of Turku)

Together with our invited experts, we set out to explore some of the most prevalent questions regarding culture of sustainability in the context of games. Our panelists have expertise in the areas related to environmental and cultural sustainability, as well as using games in education on sustainability itself. We will also separately address the issues of broadly understood sustainability in digital game preservation, as the panel is followed by Henry Lowood’s talk on exhibiting game heritage, as part of the Finnish Museum of Games series of events celebrating the institution’s fourth birthday.

Participate in the discussion:

The event will be streamed on YouTube live on the Finnish Museum of Games channel. 

During the presentations, we will be collecting questions from the audience, to be asked from the speakers in the Q&A session. You can also write your question in the comment section of our YouTube live broadcast.

You can also participate in the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #GameCultTalks