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Stenros, Jaakko; Sihvonen, Tanja

Like Seeing Yourself in the Mirror? Solitary Role-Play as Performance and Pretend Play

In: Game Studies, vol. 20, iss. 4, 2020, ISBN: 1604-7982.

Journal article Open access

Abstract | Links | Tags: Digital games, Performance, Pretend play, Queer play, Role-play, Role-playing games, Single-player


Karhulahti, Veli-Matti; Saarenmaa, Laura; Brown, Ashley M. L. (Ed.)

Special Issue: Sexuality and Play

WiderScreen, vol. 22, no. 1–2, 2019, ISSN: 1795-6161.

Special issue Open access

Links | Tags: Queer play, Sexual play, Sexuality


Sihvonen, Tanja; Stenros, Jaakko

Cues for Queer Play: Carving a Possibility Space for LGBTQ Role-Play

In: Harper, Todd; Adams, Meghan Blythe; Taylor, Nicholas (Ed.): Queerness in Play, pp. 167–184, 2018, ISBN: 9783319905419.

Book chapter

Abstract | Links | Tags: Larpent, Queer existence, Queer play, Role-playing games, Tabletop RPGs