GameCult Talks #5: Cultures of Gamework

The GameCult Talks: Discussing games in culture and society event series aims to create and strengthen dialogue between researchers and other societal actors on current game cultural topics in our culture and society. The events are organised by the Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies with various partners. They bring together game studies researchers, industry experts, cultural institutions, community representatives, activists, and policy makers to develop and highlight new initiatives into building sustainable game culture for our future.

Event : Cultures of Gamework

On Monday 7 November 2022, 13:00–15:00 EET/GMT+2

Today, game making is a dream job for many. While game development can be highly meaningful and exhilarating, this creative endeavour can also be exhausting, precarious and daunting. The panel brings together scholars and practitioners to discuss how it feels to work in the game industry and to envision what culturally sustainable gamework would look like, mostly from the point of view of digital games.

Host: Olli Sotamaa


Taina Myöhänen: “Diversity in The Gaming Industry – And Why We Need Research About It”
Minna Eloranta: “Learnings of Running a VC-backed Game Startup for Two and a Half Years”
Solip Park: “Gamework in Finland: What Game Expats Say”
Emil Hammar: “Nordic Game Work: Initial Findings on Work Conditions When Making Games in Finland and Denmark”