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Thibault, Mattia; Buruk, Oğuz; Hassan, Lobna; Hamari, Juho

Anagenesis: A Framework for Gameful, Playful and Democratic Future Smart Cities

In: Vesa, Mikko (Ed.): Organizational Gamification: Theories and Practices of Ludified Work in Late Modernity, pp. 201-229, Taylor & Francis, 2021, ISBN: 9780367321185.

Book chapter

Abstract | Tags: Augmented cities technologies, DIY urbanism, E-participation, Gamification, Smart city, Urban play


Hassan, Lobna; Thibault, Mattia

Critical Playable Cities

In: Nijholt, Anton (Ed.): Making Smart Cities More Playable: Exploring Playable Cities, pp. 17-85, Springer Nature, 2020, ISBN: 978-9811397677.

Book chapter Open access

Abstract | Links | Tags: Critical design, Critical playable cities, DIY urbanism, Ludicisation, Urban gamification