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Arjoranta, Jonne; Koskimaa, Raine; Siitonen, Marko

Immersive Gaming as Journalism

In: Uskali, Turo; Gynnhild, Astrid; Jones, Sarah; Sirkkunen, Esa (Ed.): Immersive Journalism as Storytelling: Ethics, Production, and Design, pp. 136-147, Routledge, 2021, ISBN: 978-1-138-33764-0.

Book chapter Open access

Abstract | Links | Tags: Augmented reality, Digital games, Digital technology, Gamification, Immersiivinen journalismi, Immersion, Immersive gaming, Immersive technology, Journalism, Osallistaminen, Virtual reality


Chen, Juan; Xi, Nannan; Ning, Changhui; Hamari, Juho

虚拟现实营销研究综述与展望 [Translated title: Virtual Reality Marketing: A Review and Prospects]

In: Foreign Economics & Management, vol. 41, iss. 10, pp. 17-30, 2019.

Journal article

Abstract | Tags: Experience marketing, Immersive technology, Mixed reality, Presence, Virtual reality